Andrea Jung
By Isabel


Andrea Jung was born in 1959 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Jung’s mother was a chemical engineer and her father was an architect. Jung has one younger brother named Mark. When Jung was 2 she moved to Wellesley, Massachusetts. Jung began taking piano lessons, taught by her mother, when Jung was 5 years old. In school she not only studied the regular subjects but she also studied Mandarin. Jung was not the most intelligent little girl. The only reason she got A’s was because her parents would give her a gift. When Jung was in 4th grade she really wanted color pencils. Her parents told her that if she got all A’s in school then she could get them. She then got down to work and earned the color pencils. In high school Jung used her determination to get involved in extracurricular activities, especially student government. She started out as class secretary before becoming president of the student body, and went on from high school to attend Princeton University.She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English literature in 1979. She then went to law school but decided to drop out. She then got a job at Bloomingdales as a manager in training.

She did not do so well at Bloomingdales and moved on to her next job which wasexecutive vice president in charge of merchandising for women's apparel, cosmetics, and accessories at Neiman Marcus. She wanted a new challenge, however, and found one when she started working for Avon Products, Inc., as a consultant in 1993. They hired her as president of the product marketing group for U.S. operations in 1994. She introduced the Avon apparel line which was extremely successful. She also suggested getting rid of a large number of Avon's old fragrances and introducing new ones. She also worked on coming up with a better marketing pitch for the company. She came up with the slogan "Just another Avon Lady," which was launched in 1995. Because of all the things Jung set up in 1996 she was named "Marketer of the Year" for 1996 by Brandweek.

In 1997 the CEO of Avon stepped down then the company hired someone from the outside. Someone must have felt that Jung was soon to step into power, however, because in 1997 she was named one of the top "25 Women to Watch" by Advertising Age. Two years later Jung was made the CEO of Avon. She was the first female CEO in Avon's history, and that was quite a long history, as the company was 116 years old at that time. She became chairwoman of Avon in 2001. Prior to that, Jung had been listed at number eight in "Corporate America's 50 Most Powerful Women" in 1998.

Since becoming CEO of Avon, Jung has become known for her professional, businesslike demeanor and for her innovative ideas. Her artistic, professional ideas came to play when she was working. Jung bacame very successful for various reasons. "If you feel like it's difficult to change, you will probably have a harder time succeeding." Jung said this quote to explain to people that its not easy to be successful. But Jung proved that anything is possible if you put your best foot foward when it comes to a passion you have. Jung worked extremely hard and didnt stop until she became successful. Being the CEO of Avon is a very powerful place and Jung was perfect for the job. Jung has contributed to Avon tremendously and Avon would not be where they are today if it wasn’t for her.

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