Bill Gates' real name is Wiliam Henry Gates III. He is microsoft's founder and its proggramer as well. Gates started programing computers at age 13. He lived in a wealthy town that was able to afford computers when they first came out. When computers were brought to his school him and his friends were so interested in them that they stayed in their computer lab for hours on end taking them apart and putting them back together, finding out how they worked. By the time he was thirteen computer companies needed experts in computer science put since computers just came out, the only experts were the engineers and they were already working so they had to use Bill Gates and his friends since they had spent most of their time on the computers, taking them apart and putting them back together.Bill Gates is leader because he was able to make a career for himself very early in life. Bill Gates' job has revolutionized the way that we look at technology. If I was able to interview Bill Gates I would ask him how he came up with the idea of this incredible software.

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Gary and Paul Gait

Paul was one of the greatest lacrosse players of all time. Now he is vice President of the Rotchester Knight Hawks of NLL. He has a twin Brother named Gary who also plays lacrosse and they both played at Syracuse, NLL, MLL, they played midfeld at Syracuse. Gary now Coaches at Maryland and set the record for goals 192. Paul and Gary were all American Champions at Syracuse and they set an example for future players and coaches of working and playing your best, always and forever. Gary was one of the better brohers and left a bigger impact in my eyes and opinian. Paul was still very good though and left an impact. Iould be like them becuase they were great lacrosse players and i admire them in many ways and they would practice and get betterand now have a great lacrosse company called Gait.

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Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of facebook and aone of the most intelligent minds of the Century. Mark created the social network a.k.a Facebook in college with his roomates at Harvard. They created the Facebook as a way of communicating with their friends across the country. It started out as just an idea of communicating among their friends at college and then expanded into a website for people everywhere. Although Mark is very rich he does not squander his wealth he is very modest and polite and that is why i admire him. He is just as intuitive as Bill Gates and the many other great minds we hear about today.