Carol Bartz, 37th mostpowerful woman in the world.Former CEO of Yahoo. But how did she get there?
carol_bartz.jpgEducation and upbringing

Carol Bartz was born in Winona, Minnesota and when she was only eight her mother died of a chronic illness. Carol was on her own to take care of her brother Jim. She was only in elementary and was in charge of her younger brother. Her father was a strict man and used a belt for disciplinary punishment. Even at a young age, Carol was already taking on a huge amount of responsibility. When carol was twelve, her grandma rescued her and Jim. When Carol was in high school, she had started as a secretary in a bank. She admired the bank managers, maybe on setting her future role as a CEO, and they helped her get a scholarship to William Woods, a college in Missouri. As Carol began her life she already showed a great deal of responsibility.
Carol’s battle to find and maintain a job

With a college education under her belt Carol started the search for a job. She faced much discrimination about her being a woman applying for jobs in 3M she was told, “Women don’t do these jobs,” and immediately dropped out. She finally found a job; she accepted the job as CEO of Autodesk. However, a few days before she began to work at Autodesk, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Once again her employment seems impossible. Carol’s doctors told her that it would take six weeks to recover from her surgery, but with a determined heart she went back to work after four of the six weeks. In 2009, Carol got her job as CEO of Yahoo!

So what’s Yahoo! all about?

Yahoo! is a website that shows the news, and entertainment options, online shopping, and acts as a search engine via Bing. Yahoo! answers is a "community driven question and answer site." Yahoo! mail is an e-mail site to keep people in touch with eachother. Yahoo! also has news, weather, sports, travel plans, calendars, horoscopes, and more. Yahoo! serves as a multi-tasking website for people to get answers to their questions and have others answer them within minutes. As you can see, Yahoo! has many purposes and can be used for many different everyday tasks. Carol Bartz herself describes Yahoo! as "technical company,innovative, largest media contact and communications company in the world."

Strategies, Tactics, Secrets, Passions.........The Secret of Success
"In the light of our financial results, the actions taken today, while painful, are necsessary to recallibrate the business and move foward with our strategic direction." This is a quote said by Carol Bartz, it explains her work ethic. It is saying that you must have a strategy to achieve your goals. She states that Yahoo! has a strategy that they will execute in order to keep moving forward. Carol Bartz also said that its a great race for employees and this means that to succeed you always need your support staff, you cant do it alone. Carol Bartz uses her strategies and her unique work ethic to keep moving Yahoo! forward and to always stay one step ahead of other coorporations like Facebook and Google.

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