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A chemist is a type of scientist that helps people survive in the day we live in now. The chemists make medicine, mechanical machines, cosmetics, types of paint, ect... Chemist try to makelife better as long as they live. They make life better by making new rpoducts that help us survive in life. without this proffesion people would not have cars or electricity. Chemists make products for humans that makes people happy about themselfs. All though it is a fun job you do have responsibility. Some of those responsibilities are looking for new chemicals to test on and also have to get work done fast. But you get to work all around the world and search for fun activities to test. Some people you would know from this proffesion is Issac Newton and Albert Einstein who where the Genuises behind the laws that explain life.

Pros and Cons

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=)some pros about this job is you get to travel all around the world searching for new chemicals, plants, and other products you do not have.
=)You get to make your own schedule as long as you get the product that your making in on time.
=)You also get to make your own thing as long as it helps people or helps explain the way life is.
=)You get payed up to 101,687 dollars a year.

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=(Some bad things are that you are in danger of getting hurt every time you go into the lab because at any second the lab could explode.
=(Long hours at work is necassary to get this amount of pay and it is sometimes frusturating when you figure out that you have done all this work for nothing.
=(But there also is that you have to work alone to take the credit for the project and sometimes it gets difficult.

Glossaryexternal image easy_english_dictionary2.jpgexternal image 93626210327097.jpg1) Chemistry- A chemist is person who mixes chemicals to test the compadbility to it or the chemistry
2) medicine-the plant based substance that can heal or prevent harmful bacteria
3) machines-machniacal robots that make things more efficient then humans and also do not get hurt esialy
4) chemicals-are substance that are harmful or helpful that can be mixed together
5) Issac Newton-was the man who discovered the three laws of motion
6) cosmetics-is a substance that was made to cover up things or made to make a person look pretty ( or so they say)
7) responsibility-is taking care of something with care or to watch over something
8) world travel-traveling around the world in order to find new objects or new chemicals
9) paint-Is a substance that can coat or mask another color and is made to look pretty
10) 101,687 dollars-I sthe average salary a Chemist gets every year
11) Albert Einstien-Was another chemist that created the atom bomb or split the atom
12) Independence-Is were you do things on your own and having this skill will help you later on

About the Author
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I am fourteen years old. I choose this profession because I was always interested in being in type of scientist. I would also like to be a science teacher but I did not want to do a teacher for this because I didn't have the time and other people doing the teacher job.
Science was an interesting subject ever since I was young. I always wanted to know why things are a certain way and why things happen like they do. I even believe in science then more than god. I just think that there is a more resanable explanation then a big guy created everything. Science always made sense to me and helped more understand. Also I like to make things explode. I know your thinking tipical boy but it is still fun. I hpoe that one day I will be a chemist of some sort.