College may seem a long way away, and we do not want to pressure you with college right now in middle school. We have spoken how the more education a person has, the more money he/she statistically can make as a professional (there are a handful of exceptions). Are you thinking about going to college? Where do you think you would want to go to college and what would you be interested in studying?

College Bound WebQuest Directions

US News and World Report College Ranking

After you have completed the college webquest, answer the following questions in an extended response and reflection and post on the discussion tab of this wiki page.

1. What did you learn about the college application process by completing the college webquest? What do you have to do now and during high school to meet the application requirements of the colleges? Why do you think you would make a fine candidate for the colleges you visited?

2. What are the colleges that you looked at? Why did you choose these colleges? What do they have to offer that match your interests?

3. After your close examination of two or more colleges, what are the benefits of attending the college? What do you hope to achieve by attending and graduating from college? How does this match your own personal goals and career interests?