apple for teach Pictures, Images and PhotosSo you want to be an elementary school teacher

elementary teachers- Teach children to read write do math and many more; they use games, computers, videos, and many other tools to teach children many different subjects. Teachers show students skills they need for life, they explain information, and they plan their lessons before they teach which can take a lot of time. In elementary school they are mostly just teaching a basic foundation for all subjects. They usually teach grades kinder garden through fifth grade. Before they teach they have to have planned out a whole lesson plan that will teach young children. Since they teach such young people they have to think of ways such as games that will get and keep the information into their heads. When there are usually a lot of to become a teacher and they have to be good with children.

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  • shorter hours
  • active (not just behind a desk)
  • get to work with kids and other teachers
  • not hard to find a job because teachers are always need
  • you get to do fun activates with the kids like field trips
  • There are very good benefits for example social security. 401k/403b, disability, health care, pension, and being paid on you off time
  • long breaks throughout the year and the whole summer off
  • never have to travel on business and the only travel you have to do is from your house to the school which can vary a lot depending on how far or close you live to the school
  • the atmosphere is usually nice when you are teaching in a good area, but even if you are not in a good area there are probably no dangers because the kids are still young

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  • the pay is usually not that high (average range 26,000-70,000)
  • sometimes the children don't cooperate and it is difficult to get the lesson done and keep them under control
  • sometimes the school is not that nice and the recourses are not good so it is hard to get things help reinforce the lessons
  • you have to grade a lot of tests and create lesson plans that could take a long time
  • teachers generally have a bad reputation and kids sometimes think that they are trying to be mean by making them do work
  • it is sometimes hard it balance how hard you want to be an the students and how to effectively punish them without scaring them
  • you have to go through a lot of graduate school to became a teacher and pass a lot of tests to becme a teacher also the tests nescessary are different in every state so sometimes you have to take more tests of you change schools even if you are a qualified teacher in a different state

Why are Elementary teachers so important to society?pencil Pictures, Images and Photos
They are so important because they give children an education. Elementry teachers are not teaching them the in-depth things that they need to know for a specific job, however they give them the basic foundation of all subjects. They provide a basic understanding of most subjects. They also teach children how to learn. It is true that they won't need to know twenty facts about dinosaurs in their future life (unless they become a archeologist). However they will need to know how to take in information, listen and take notes. Elementary school teachers are so important because they provide the start to a person's long journey of education.


  • lesson plan - a layout of all of the activities and lessons that the teacher has to teach or do in the day
  • Aptitude test - Standardized test designed to assess an individual's potential to acquire and/or develop knowledge or skills.
  • Assessment - The process of evaluating and measure an individuals achievement; typically done with assessment tools such as assignments or examinations.
  • Brainstorming - Typically used in writing, but is any activity where individuals general ideas related to a topic or task; done in either groups or individually with no restriction on quality of ideas. Once ideas are generation, they are they evaluated and a decision about which to pursue is made.
  • Comprehension - Ability to find and construct meaning from texts
  • Curriculum - Broadly understood as the subjects and materials to be taught by an educational institution; typically it is listed as a set of subjects, but also may include the learning experiences, skills, and abilities students are expected to learn.
  • Deadline- Final date for the submission of assignment or other required work.
  • E-learning - Learning activities based on any electronic format.
  • Essay- A written work on a topic
  • Evaluation - assessing work completed by an individual, group, or institution with the aim of determining whether the individual, group, or institution has meet predetermined standards
  • Fluency- Ability to read text or converse with others accurately and quickly.
  • Grading rubric - Written explanation clarifying how individuals will be assessed on a given task.
  • Handout - Typically a sheet provided to all members of group that contains vital information, a task to be completed, or other guidelines for an assignment.
  • Initiation phase - In a lesson, this is the opening stage where the instructor begins the lesson.
  • Key skills - Vital skills necessary for a task or to gain employment including literacy, mathematics, and basic computer skills
  • Lateral thinking - Attempting to solve a problem by using non-traditional methods in order to create and identify new concepts and ideas
  • Mentor - Adviser to a learner
    How to become an elementary school teacherteacher_clip_art.gif

    First you have to go through high school and college. Usually teachers will major in teaching and maybe for an elementary school people will take some liberal arts because in elementary school they teach the basics of almost every subject. Then in all public schools you have to have a master's degree. Sometimes the masters vary from state to state so if you change schools you might have to take more tests. Also you usually have to have some natural skill with working with children and you also have to b the kind of person who really loves children because teachers work with them everyday

In this website it had the basics of a lot of jobs. It basically had the whole brief over view for what it is like it be a teacher. Also it helped me decide what occupation to do because there were many jobs that they had a brief summary for.
This website had information in more depth and it also has some of the pros and cons about b‚Äčeing a teacher. Also it gave me some ideas about the format o wanted to do because it was similar to what we are doing with the essential question "so you want to be a....."
This website gave me salary information. It had the average salaries for a teacher and it also listed all of the average benefits the teachers have.
This website helped me understand the requirements of becoming a teacher and what you have to know, and what tests you have to take. this website had all the requirements of a being a teacher and the steps that most people take to become a teacher.
This website had all of the terms and words that i used for the glossary. It showed the different kinds of teaching and tests that teachers could use.
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