So You Want to be an, Entrepreneur
Job Description: An entrepreneur is a person who has a possession of a new organization, idea, and assumes responsibility for the risks and their outcome. The person makes the hours, chooses the employees, everything the related to the company. Depending what field of entrepreneurship the person is in, they need different degrees. A masters in business is necessary and depending on the field either a bachelors in arts of science. The responsibilities are, the person must take risks in order to succeed, and must make sacrifices. Also the person will endure a lot of stress. Being an entrepreneur is like being a CEO except, it is your company, your employees and your dream.


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· You are your own boss, and are in control of your future.
· You choose the hours, the employees, everything.
· Financial rewards.
· Opportunities to fully utilize your talent, knowledge, and creativity.
· Job Security(You create your own employment)
· Stress.
· Financial risks.
· Chance of business failure
· Responsibility
· Regulations and paperwork

Entrepreneur Glossary airline-merger.jpg
Acquisition: Taking ownership of another business; frequently used in combination with the word merger.
Advertising: The activity of attracting public attention to a product or business, by paid announcement, the print, broadcast or electronic media.
Intrapreneur: One who is taking on entrepreneur-like projects within a large corporate environment.
Business Incubator: Provides workspace, coaching, and support services to entrepreneurs and early-stage businesses.
Barter: Direct trade of merchandise and/or services between businesses.
Business Valuation: An estimate of the worth of a business entity and its belongings.
Entrepreneur: A person who organizes, operates, and assumes the risk for a business projects.
Joint Venture: A legal unit created by two or more businesses joining together to conduct a specific business project with both parties sharing profits and losses. It differs from a strategic alliance in that there is a specific legal unit created.
Appraisal: An official estimate of the value of something on the open market. It also describes how the estimation and conclusion of value was made.
Sole Proprietorship: A
business owned and operated by one person.
Merger: A joining together of two previously separate corporations. A true merger in the legal sense occurs when both businesses melt and move their belongings and responsibility into a newly created unit.
Sales: The trade of a product or service for money.
Strategic Alliance: An ongoing relationship between two businesses in which they combine efforts for a specific purpose.

Planning: A detailed method, created beforehand, for managing a business.

Resource List

At this website you will find detailed explanations of common words used by entrepreneurs. In addition to the glossary there are many more words there.
At this website you will find pros and cons about being an entrepreneur. The pros are better than the cons.
Google is a search engine where you will find everything.
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Google images is a search engine for picture. You can find many interesting pictures there.
Wikipedia will tell you what an entrepreneur is does and how. It has more part like salary and responsibility.
About the Author

David is currently a resident a Rye, New York, and is attending the middle school there. He is in the 8th grade and wants to be an entrepreneur because he wanted to be his own boss. The money helps… a lot, but really want to do what he wants to do not what another guy wants. His parents are both teachers at the school and don’t care what he does as long as it doesn’t ruin his or other people’s lives. David wants to make money and be happy how he is doing it.