Fall 2011
I Want That Job . . . Guest Speaker Post on the Wiki

Over the past ten weeks of Beyond RMS we have heard from various guest speakers so that you can reflect on what you want to be when YOU grow up.

Directions – In a Word document answer the following reflection questions. Then, in a new post on the DISCUSSION TAB on the “I WANT THAT JOB” Wiki Page for BeyondRMS.wikispaces.com paste your reflection:

  • Jennifer Haiken has developed a brand, ClassicKicks and gone from a retail store to designing clothing and footwear. She spoke about how her career has evolved and is still evolving today. How do careers change and evolve over time? How must one adapt to these changes to be successful?

  • Describe the background of Staff Sgt. Cyr - Focus on ONE of the following categories: personal, education, or career.

  • Pamela & Angie from YaYa Publicity are in the business of promoting products. What are some of the pros and cons of their work. Describe four or more pros and cons of working in PR.

  • What does Jill McGrath do as a Talent Manager in New York City? What is one interesting thing you learned about her career?

  • For our trip to the Dolan DNA Center in Cold Spring Harbor, what did you learn about the job responsibilities of forensic scientists? How is this different or similar to the forensic scientists presented in popular television shows today?

  • Frank Mizzola was intriguing while talking about his career as a private investigator. What did you find most intriguing about his presentation?

  • Lynn Halpern, a Human Resources Professional spoke about “respectful confidence.” What is “respectful confidence” and what do YOU need to make the right impression when interviewing?

  • Our US Marshall guest speaker talked about what the US Marshall Service does. List four (4) responsibilities of the US Marshall Service and then address three (3) or more of the risks involved in a career like the US Marshall. Do you think you have what it takes to be a US Marshall? Why or why not?

  • How does what Brad Broder described about the education system in Kenya, Africa influence your own thoughts abou t the value of an education? What is important to you in regards to education and how can it benefit your own career exploration?


Beyond RMS is a class that examines opportunities outside of Rye Middle School in relation to learning, work and other experiences. As we all know, nobody takes the same path in life and each week that a guest speaker comes into the class it is an opportunity to learn about their experiences and “road they have traveled” – to take from Road Trip Nation (2001). Whether you want or have interest in the guest speaker’s career, we can learn something from everyone who comes to talk to the class.
This wiki blog assignment allows you to be a journalist and record information about the guest speaker as well as share the most poignant information you learned from the guest speaker.

Bill Oberlander, Marketing & Advertising Executive Creative Director
Bill's Job is to make a product seem like you need it even though you don't. His job involves lots of traveling.

Mr. Pickup, Rye City Manager
He has been city manager for a while now and has had to make some thorough decisions throughout his career.

Tim Ott, DMM Saks 5th Avenue
Mr. Ott did not originally intend on being a clothing company powerhouse. Even though it wasn't his first choice, he still loves his job.

John Rubbo, Director of Food Services RCSD
Mr. Rubbo has had his job for the longest time, and has been working in the food industry since his first job.

Paula Fung, Attorney
She has been an attorney since the start but had to uphold her career due to having children.

Sandy Jacoby, RHS Career Services . . .
She has helped high school students take odd jobs around Rye... And even has had some graduates come back to her for employment help!

Sandy Samberg, Pediatric Nurse Practioner
Mrs. Samberg knew she wanted to be a doctor, but didn't want to have to go to school for an extra 4 years... so she took the next best thing, a nurse practitioner.

Missie Fahey, Interior Designer

Sue Henson, Pepsico . . . Talent Sustainability
Mrs. Henson has been working with the new employees the past few years.

Annabel Monaghan, Writer
She is currently working on a book that is about a girl who is faked kidnaped to work for the FBI and solve puzzles terrorists are leaving behind as clues.

Karen Schultz, Marketing & Fundraising Share Our Strength . . .
Her job was suggested to her by a stranger in NYC. She has worked with it and made it into a large scale organization.

Stephen Fairchild, Communications Senior Producer Bronx Zoo . . . .
Whenever you see a story about animals in the Bronx Zoo, it's because of Stephen Fairchild.

Investing In Your Future . . . Alan Chabot

Alan J. Chabot works for Chase bank as the CEO of Chase Investment Services. Alan went to Dartmouth College for four years, then went to Syracuse Law School. After his educational career was over, Alan became a Spanish teacher at a boarding school called Avon Old Farms. After a few years in teaching, Alan started working at J.P. Morgan, and eventually made his way up to were he is now. As the CEO of Chase Investment Services. Alan’s main point in his lecture was all about risk and reward. If you put money in the safest vault on earth, the risk is 0% and the reward is 0%. If you put you money in the bank, the risk is 2% and the reward is 2%. If you invest in mutual funds, the risk is 15% and the reward is 15%. As you move away from the vault, the risk increases and the potential reward increases as well so you might say for example 2% return in a bank, but now you have some risk. In mutual funds you have more risk and more potential return maybe 10%. If you put a little money into a lot of stocks, the risk is 30% and the reward is 30%. If you invest a lot of money into a local company, the risk is 70% and the reward is 70%. If you invest all of your money into one stock, the risk is 100% and the reward is 100%. Alan Chabot also talked about how you should open a bank account for different things. Most parents have two; one for regular saving, and the other for their kids college. A financial advisor is someone that helps you manage your money and make sure that you are investing and trusting your money with the right banks during the right times. Saving for college is also somewhat of a high risk, because of the amount that you are trusting with the bank. One thing that Alan said we should take away from his lecture was to always put a little money away each week in a bank account, and spend and enjoy the rest.

Making the Farm to Table Connection . . . Field Trip to Stone Barns Center for Agriculture and Education

A few weeks ago, we took a journey to Stone Barns, in Tarrytown New York. Although the climate was VERY cold, we all still had a great time!! Stone Barns is a non-profit farm and education center. Basically all the animals they have are used for some type of food. We saw lots of pigs and hens, sheep and a very cute sheep dog in action. Their main mission is to make a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, and try to encourage as many people as they can to practice it. Spread the word!! We also picked fresh leaves for our salad in the greenhouse. In addition, we learned lots of neat facts; the plants are kept warm by the roof that attracts sunlight, but it can open and close depending on the needs. When we came inside, after a quick warm-up, it was off to the kitchen! We were put into groups to prepare our lunch. We tossed together a yummy salad, and a delicious frittata. Of course, we were using fresh eggs from the hens and the salad and spinach leaves that we hand picked. The lunch tasted amazing. On the way home, we decided to stop at Dunkin Donuts for a little………… snack. After all, America does run on Dunkin!:) Thanks for a great field trip Dr. Haiken!!!!!!!!!!!!
Carina: Our trip Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture was a definite eye-opener and on I will remember forever. Before this trip, I had no idea some of my favorite vegetables could be grown in the winter. We explored the greenhouse and saw how they kept a warmer temperature to grow lettuce, spinach, root veggies, and much more. Out in the fields we saw more delicious-looking vegetables covered in a tarp to protect them from the wind. I also really enjoyed watching the sheep, pigs, and chickens in their pens. It was really funny when we went in the chicken pen and felt them peck our boots, and when we felt a warm egg. After a fun day on the farm, we went inside and warmed up while making a delicious meal. The frittata we made used the fresh picked spinach, and the salad was made with the lettuce we had gathered in the greenhouse. It was really a unique experience to eat something that I had created, directly from farm to table. The trip to Dunkin Donuts on the way home really helped me see the difference between farm to table and processed ingredients that have travelled thousands of miles. After the trip I find myself more cautious of what I eat, and I can’t wait to plant a garden this spring!

Battling the "Monsters" at Work . . . Jeremy Selenfriend

Jeremy Selenfriend is a man who has a crazy, out of the ordinary, job. He creates masks and body suits for movies. Mr. Selenfriend attended school at Hofstra University for one year. In high school he liked movies and special effects. He didn`t know of colleges that he could attend for these interests so he went to Hofstra University. After one year of college he learned of The Art Institute of Pittsburg. He when there in 1999 to 2002.

Jeremy makes many masks for movies that can take as long as 3 weeks! Mr. Selenfriend has worked on many movies and he is known. His studio is in a basement of an office building. During Halloween sometimes he lets tours go through his studio. Even though they don’t touch anything it must be very scary. Even though people may think his work is peculiar he loves it.

Follow Your Passions . . . Christopher Pagli

Finding Balance in Life and Work . . . . Linda MacKay

Samuel: A few weeks ago, we had a guest speaker, Linda McKay. Linda, now a mother, has decided to become a yoga teacher. A lifelong passion, yoga became career for her. During Mckay’s presentation, we were fortunate enough to be able to learn about the history of yoga, its benefits to the human body, and how to do some poses. She also introduced how yoga has proven to be very beneficial to the human body. At several points in her presentation, the whole class tried yoga poses.

It was very interesting to see how a hobby like yoga can become a successful career. As we embark on our career journey, it is important to know that passions in the arts, health, and other fields can turn into successful careers. Linda McKay is a great example. I think that the whole class enjoyed not only learning about yoga Linda’s career, but also to actively participate in her interactive presentation. Hopefully, beyond RMS students extracted some useful knowledge from Linda time with us.

Every Year of High School is the Most Important . . . Joe Latimer joe_latimer_guest_speaker_2010.JPG

Joe Latimer was an admissions director for the University of Rochester. He is the person that makes the decision whether or not you can get into the University. He said that when he looks at the person that submitted an application to the college, he looks at all their years of high school. He is not the person that goes onto somebody’s Facebook page and makes sure that he or she is a good person but perspective employers do. Mr. Latimer said that a lot of people think that not all of their high school years count towards your college years. He said that you should be aware of what you do and make good decisions when you are in your high school. He also spoke to us about how he knew people that had their whole life planned out but they made some stupid choices in high school and it messed up their entire college experience. He said that if you want to be successful then you have to work hard. If you are in school you have to work hard and if you have a job you have to work hard. He said that many collages do many different things to decide whether or not to except a student. He said to just be careful with your life.

Eat, Love, Work - Our Trip to the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY

On the field trip to the CIA [Culinary Institute of America] we saw and experienced many things. One thing were fortunate to get was a great tour. The tour gave us a tour all around the school, even including the restaurants. In the Institute there were many windows which allowed us to see the different classes. We saw a room for baking cakes, a cookie room, and even a sandwich and lunch room. On the trip we also learned about the freshman 50. The freshman 50 is a theory that when you come to the school yo0u will gain 50 pounds. We were also delighted to get a taste of some of the best truffles I have ever tasted. Then we even were seated at one of the best restaurants around. At the restaurants we had the best salad, a tri pasta dish, and a chocolate volcano cake. The service there was great and they welcomed us like family. At the end of the tour we were able to go to a great gift shop, with many cookbooks, souvenirs, and food. There was even a great little lunch and bakery restaurant down the hall which was one of the best restaurants ever. If I was the organizer of the trip I would definitely go back to the institute and all their restaurants.

We learned a lot at the Institute. From what college is like to how to be a great cook. One thing we learned was that you truly have to be focused and dedicated to succeed. For example when we were there they were making very decretive cakes. Each cake had different miniature details. Without focus you might make a huge mistake and have to start all over. Also we learned how to stay calm. For instance in one of the restaurants, there was a window where you can see to the kitchen, and if you screamed everyone would notice. Everything we learned was a huge help and will definitely help us in the future. The Culinary Institute of America was a tremendous and was an opportunity of a lifetime. This field trip was a lot of fun and gave us a lot of knowledge about the future and college.

Make the World A Better Place: A Career in Politics . . . Richard Nieman

Richard Nieman is the Superintendant of New York State Banking. He has a job consisting of many different responsibilities such as protecting consumers living in the state and ensuring safety with all of their interactions with all banks. The more specific aspects of his job consist of dealing with the foreclosure crisis, he also chairs the Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS) International Bankers Advisory Board, he is an affiliate of the Chinese Business Initiative Advisory Board at Columbia Business School, he is active in the national and international debates around financial regulatory reform, and he also helps with mortgage loans such as business conduct rules and registration. Richard Nieman’s presentation also included him telling the class some facts about the New York Banking department and banks in general. The class learned that the NYS Banking department was the oldest banking department in the U.S., it was established in 1851, national banks are regulated by the federal government, state banks are regulated by the state government, and the difference between the two is different interest rates.
Richard Nieman has a B.A. degree in political science from the School of Government at American University and a J.D. degree at the School of Law at Emory University. Richard is married with two daughters, so he is a family man. He told the class a story about when he was in between jobs and he couldn’t decide what job to take, he talked to his family about it and they told him to do what makes him happy. Of the two jobs, he picked the one with more flexible hours and that was closer to home. Through this story, Richard proposed several ways to succeed in life such as always love what you do, always take chances in life, have an imagination when it comes to your job, and most importantly do what makes you happy.

Love What You Do . . . Jared Weiss

Jared Weiss is a co-president of a company called Star Power which is a company that matches celebrities with companies for advertisements. One of his biggest projects was when he got to meet with the people from M and M about when they were going to unveil the M and M pretzel to talk about finding a celebrity to be on the commercial. That was one of his biggest achievements and he is probably going to have many more. He says that you have to love you job above all else and if you love your job you will never have to work a day in your life. He loves his job and he is succeeding and having fun.

Another thing that he said was important was that you have to work hard in order to succeed. Many people have the talent to do it but what separates the good people from the great people is how much they want it. Jared works everyday form 7am to 12pm as hard as he can in order to succeed and he does. Jared is a hard worker that loves his job and if you do that you will succeed which he does. Jared loves his job and because of that he works hard and he eventually succeeds. Jared was very helpful and he was a great guest speaker.

Every Job Is a Learning Experience . . . Paulette Mann

In the class Beyond Rye Middle School, we have guest speakers that come in and talk to the class about their jobs and what they have done to get that job. On November 4 we had Mrs. Mann come in and talk to us about her job experiences. Before she became a stay at home mom, she had worked for MTV industries. She had told us, that at the time MTV was a small business, I found that interesting because right now MTV is a very popular TV program. What I also found interesting was she knew that she wanted to be working with TV so she started out small, and went to a TV studio that had 7 members part of it including her. She started out thinking about being the person who comes up with the slogan for the commercial, but she didn’t like it because it involved you setting in a room all by yourself and think the whole time, she said to herself that she wanted to be around people and do something she loves. So she went bigger and went to MTV studios. She really like it there, she had said she met famous people like Bruce Springsteen and Madonna. When the VMA’S were being held, she had gone because levy’s jean company had supported it and she was the one who had gotten levy’s be the sponsor. While waiting to go to the bathroom Madonna came through and made her security guard take everyone out of the bathroom and wait for her to finish. I liked hearing this story because it is about a real life fact. I enjoyed having Mrs. Mann come in and she her job experience with us.

You Never Know, You Can Take a Class and It Leads to A Career . . . Anthony DiDonato

My cousin, Anthony DiDonato, is a producer for the series TV show The Ghost Hunters. He told our class about what he does for a living and how much fun it can be. Anthony has the privladge to travel a lot in his life. He tells the class that his experiences on TV are indesctibable and

So, You Want to be an Actor . . . John Hickok

John Hickok is an actor who has worked on shows like Law and Order and the Broadway production AIDA. For the Law and Order episode he worked on he played a doctor that had murdered a girl, but nobody thought he would have murdered her because he was so nice. John Hickok was the doctor who murdered the girl. John Hickok gets called to work on different shows all over the United States, he has even directed a play in London. One of the famous actors John Hickok met was Leonardo Dicaprio, and that was in the bathroom! John Hickok had one experience which he told us where he accidently let go of a wooden club and it hit a spectator in the crowd. That spectator sued the theater… Be careful of the props that you work with.

This presentation was cut short by a fire drill, but that didn’t affect what he wanted to tell us. He taught us that acting was a tough career, and you had to be able to sacrifice your time. This connects to this class because in some careers you don’t need to sacrifice your time and you can work from home. He told us that being in theatre is a fun career, but you need to be able to stretch to your limits like working 10-12 hours some days. So are you are interested in theater??

Be All That You Can Be . . . Staff Sergeant Cyr

Communication Skills Will Help You Succeed . . .Dyer Halpern

Dyer Halpern has two jobs. He is a writer for the Westchester Magazine and he is also an Assistant District Attorney for the Bronx DA. Mr. Halpern was our first guest speaker for the semester and he came in and talked about two of the most important skills to have to succeed in any career: good writing skills and effective speaking skills. The fact is, Mr. Halpern was always passionate about sports but didn't have the skills to be a professional sports player, but he knew he wanted to work in the sports world. His first job was actually working for a professional baseball team. He got the job because at a dinner he was talking to a person (he really don't know at all) about what was wrong with a particular sports team. What he did not know was that the person he was talking to and bashing the sports team, was actually the owner of that team. The gentleman listened to everything that Mr. Halpern was saying and intrigued by Mr. Halpern's passion that he offered him a job.

After this experience Mr. Halpern felt that he wanted to go to law school and persue his second interest, criminal justice. Today he works for the Bronx DA helping to keep criminal off of the streets of NY. He shared information about the toughest trials and criminal cases that he has had. He talked about how important writtten and verbal communication skills are in helping a person succeed in life. We learned about the criminal justice process and how important education can be. It was an interesting and exciting presentation.