So you want to be an Interior Designer?

Job Description:
These talented designers use their artistic ability to create a living space for their clients. Interior Designers are so creative that they can
decorate almost any space that they are given. Designers are to utilize fabrics, furniture, and other decorations to make the living space more enjoyable. Designers have to use color themes and art work to complete rooms that they design. You have the chance to have a very succesfull career as a designer if you give your time and work hard.

Responsiblities and Tasks on the Job
As a responsibility as an interior design, you must be able to complete a project using blueprints, CAD, understnading buildling and fire codes, and also making the space. Interior designers provide many services for their customers. Inteterior desingers have to pick an appealing color scheme for rooms that they work on. Also they are needed to pick out suiting furniture and art peices that would work well good together. Anything that might would make the room look better, is a designers suggestion. Interior designers can work for themselves or can work for a company. If working for a company there are opportunities to get promotions and there are more health benefits :D.


‚ÄčIn order to work in this industry, it is necessary to have a postsecondary education for entry level postitions. People looking for a jod in interior design, must have 6 years of combined education and expirience. Also, a number of states require a liscense or a register for interior designers. The National Council for Interior Desinger Qualification administers the liscensing exam for interior design qualification.


Your salary will depend on the field of design that you are in. The median annual wages for interior designers were 44,950 dollars in May 2008. The middle 50% earned between 34,620 dollars and 61,880 dollars. Interior design salaries vary widely with the specialty, type of employer, number of years of expirience, and reputation of the individuals. Although the salaries vary, the overall employment trends for this occupation is good. Employment for interior designers is expected to grow 19 percent from 2008 to 2018, faster than the average for all occupations. The reasoning for this is that there is an overall interest in the design field and awareness of its benefits will increase demand for designers.

Necessary skills

Many necessary skills needed to be an interior design is to be familiar with the program CAD (Computer Aided Design). With this skill, designers can quickly create exact sketches. Also, it is easier to meet safety and building codes by using CAD. As well as technical skills, designers need to have creativity to come up with ideas for projects, and utilizing the space that they have. Designers need to be persistent to try to make ideas work and visualize them. They must be imaginative.

1. Oppurtunity to travel and work
2. There are many options to interior design such as residential or commercial design,
3. You have the oppurtunity to make alot of money $$$
4. You can make your own hours
5. You get to create your own work environment
6. You have the choice to turn down projects
7. You are free to express yourself and show your creativity

1. The field goes through dry spells
2. Can be a very stressful occupation
3. Deadlines can be very demanding
4. You work under pressure
5. You can meet horrible people
6. Clients can be unrealistic
7. You can lose projects to a lower bid- very competetive

RESOURCES: On this site, I found the description of an interior designer. Also, I read about tips to being successfull in the field. For example, I could clearly understand how important it is to satisfy your client. That means that you have to meet the artistic requirements, communication skills, and managment tasks. With all these skills, the designer will meet the clients needs. This site was very helpful when I was researching to see the reality of the job. For example, I could see many projects being completed by designers in New York. Also, there was information about desgin awards and blogs from many decorators. I could see new products and new buildings such as hospitals, restuarants, office, residential, and more. All in all, viewing this website enabled me to understand the career more realistically.

The Interior Design magazine was helpful to see what kind of products are on the market by day. I can see products such as lamps, carpets, houses, new restuarants, chairs, fabrics, and more! You can see comments on the products and many very good tips and opinions. I can see new projects and ideas that designers have come up with. This magazine was very helpful when I was looking for information on new products and the public's opinion. - This was a site where I found the words in my glossary of terms. The website provided good definitions that made me understand the interior design language. - From this site i learned overall information.

Glossary of Terms:

Abstract-Design illustrating general moods and forms rather than detailed realistic representations.
Backplash - An upright surface or border protecting the wall behind a counter, sink, or stove typically measuring 4" to approximately 18" for a full backsplash
Color Scheme - A combination of colors that harmonize with each other. Color schemes are analogous, complimentary, monochromatic, or triadic.

Carpet Cushion - Padding used underneath carpet or area rugs for comfort and insulation.
Drywall -
Gypsum plaster board laminated with paper on both sides.
Focal Point -
The point of emphasis in a well-designed room.
Laminate- Any material made by bonding two or more layers of another material, to create a stronger, less permeable surface covering.
Ottomon - An upholstered low stool or footrest.
Palette - The family of colors selected for a room.

Softwood - Wood flooring made from easy-to-saw conifer or evergreens, such as pine, spruce, or fir.
Triadic Color Scheme - Using three colors (hues) equal distance apart on the color wheel.

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