Kenneth C. Hicks.
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Education and Upbringing:
Ken Hicks is a graduate from Harvard Law School who started off working as the President of Payless ShoeSource.Inc then worked his way up to being president of J.C Penneys from 2004-2005 then in 2005 he was elected to be Chief Merchandising Officer of J.C Penneys until August 17,2009 when he was asked to be Chief Exectutive Officer of Footlocker.
Profile of Company:
Footlocker is a mass-producing shoe and apparel store that is very famous for both sneakers and apparel. It has been around since 1878 and was found by Frank and Charles Woolworth.
Ken worked his way up to what he does now by working in other companies and seeing the way that they work for example he worked at PaylessShoe.Inc and saw how they ran the business and he picked up little things like in J.C Penney he saw that they used Shoe Merchandise people to do apparel and they didn’t know what they were doing so he knew that he had to have both shoe and apparel people in Footlocker.
Ken makes sure that the company is running ok and he makes sure that the amount of money coming into the store is greater than the amount of money going out including paying the employees and other expenses that they have to pay. Last year Ken combined Lady’s Footlocker with Footlocker to make it bigger and have more money coming into both if the stores.
Ken didn’t just jump the gun he worked with smaller companies and started off at smaller positions and then worked his way up to bigger positions and then he went to a bigger company and just as before he started off with smaller positions and worked his way up to bigger ones and then got offerd Footlocker and is helping this stay up and running

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