Job Description

Being a Marine is an extremely difficult job. Unlike many others, you do not get a 9 to 5 shift or breaks and you put your life on the line every day to help your country. One has to be strong, tough, and naturally intelligent. You sleep under cars and have 2 meals a day- this job is not for the weak hearted. Land, sea and air is your office and rifle is your pen.

But before you are sent to serve you must endure 12 long weeks of boot camp. All you need is to have passed high school and you’re in. Kind of like an intern. This is what boot camp entails: Waking up at 5 a.m. for your daily 20 mile run through the cool desert; As your lungs are on fire you do 200 pushups. Now it’s time for breakfast. Today’s meal is canned beans.

After 12 weeks of this you are ready to serve, leaving your house in the middle of the night. Kiss your wife and kids. This might be the last time you see them. You arrive at a designated area where an army of buses are there to pick you up. You’re surrounded by your fellow soldiers. The buses stop at the airport where planes are waiting to take you to either Iraq or Afghanistan.

This is the life of a marine putting your life on the line to protect others.

Pros and Cons


Help People across the world.
2. Protect the people of the United States.
3. You Receive tax cuts from the government.
4. You go to college for free.
5.You get exclusive discounts.

1. Faced with danger.
2. Don’t see your family very much.
3. 12 weeks of hard training.
4. The food at boot camp is not very good.
5. The lives of thousands of people are in your hands.



An armored, self-propelled combat vehicle, armed with cannon and machine guns and moving on a caterpillar tread.
A Soviet-designed, gas-operated, clip-fed assault rifle with a caliber of 7.62 millimeters, used for automatic or semiautomatic fire.
One of a class of naval troops serving both on shipboard and on land.
A fast, relatively small, warship armed mainly with 5-in guns.
An officer holding the highest rank in the corps.
Boot camp
A camp for training recruits.
A dagger like steel weapon that is attached to or at the muzzle of a gun and used for stabbing or slashing in hand-to-hand combat.
A weapon consisting of a metal tube, with mechanical attachments, from which projectiles are shot by the force of an explosive; a piece of ordnance.
A lightweight, fully automatic rifle shooting a small-caliber bullet at an extremely high velocity.

Mounted projectile-firing guns or missile launchers, mobile or stationary, light or heavy, as distinguished from small arms.


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For all your questions about being a marine. Theres even a parent website were all there questions can be answered about there son or daughter becoming a marine. If you want to contact a local recruiter you can sign up at and it will give you a local number.

If you want to see the daily life of a marine you should see the three movies Saving Private Ryan ,Flags of Our Father and Band of brother. In these movies it highlights the daily life of a marine in the heat of war. It shows you what they eat, were they sleep, and what they do.

If this still doesn't satisfied you you can go to www.Todaysmilitary.comfor a mor in depth analysis on today marine operations.