Documentary Reflection: Using your notes from viewing the documentary, write a summary that includes your reaction to “Roadtrip Nation” and what you learned from the interviews. Address the following questions in your reflection. You should write at least one paragraph for each bullet to address the qeustions about this documentary.

  • What insight did you gain from those interviewed on TV ? Share your thoughts and insight. Include specific details in your summary from each of your interviews that shows what you have gleaned from this documentary and how you can relate it to your own life.

  • Out of all the people who were interviewed for this documentary, who had the most poignant, insightful things to say? Write down who this person was, what he/she said, and why this person’s comments have left a lasting impression on you.

  • At the beginning of the documentary Michael Jager of JDK Design spoke about the people who have been at their jobs for more than 10 years and don't like what they are doing. He asked, "Do you conform or do you continue to search for something that you love to do?" What would you do? How important is being happy with your work?

  • Roadtrip Nation has established a “Behind the Wheel” program where they pick up college kids over the summer to interview leaders from across the country. If you had the opportunity, who would you want to interview and talk to? Explain why you would be interested in speaking to this individual.

Road Trip Nation.jpg

RoadTrip Nation Group Project: Collaborating in groups of three (3) you will map out a "virtual roadmap" for your own RoadTrip, modeled after journies of past RoadTrip Nation participants.

The Goals of this project as identified by Road Trip Nation include:


  • To expose students to different life experiences and pathways through Leaders who are doing what they love.
  • Help students positively use collaboration and online research to prepare for future education and careers.

You will post your RoadTrip Journey on this Wiki and include the following information on your Journey page:

1.Choose who you will interview at each location based on your individual interests.
2. Find contact information and bios for each of the people you will interview and then:
On your Journey page, include
>> A description of each of the Leaders you choose to interview - who they are; did they attend and graduate from college; what do they do now; what did they have to do to get where they are now; and identify the path they have taken that led them to where they are today.
>> Highlight some standout quotes that this Leader has stated in previous interviews.
>> Don't forget to include some pictures. *All pictures that you use must have a creative commons license to share and post of the wiki.
3. Plan your route between stops and indentify points of interest along the way. Remember, this is a roadtrip!

Students will give an inclass-presentation of the planned journey and what you have learned throughout this research and process of completing the project.

Student Journey Pages

Group Project Evaluation Rubric:

Road Trip Journey Wiki Page
Comprehensive and accurate information about the road trip excursion.
Information accurate, descriptive, and informative.
Information adequate but more description is needed.
Information incomplete or inaccurate.
Use of Class Time
Complete your own tasks on time and to a high quality. Show willingness to help others team members if required.
Complete your own tasks on time and to a high quality.
Complete your own tasks on time.
Complete some of your own tasks on time. Reduces the overall quality of your team’s final production.
Work collaboratively with other team members, sharing quality ideas and research.
Work collaboratively with other team members.
Work somewhat collaboratively with other team members.
More of distraction than a help to your team members.
Resource List
Thorough annotated list of resources includes detailed variety of texts.
Annotated list of resources is adequate.
Annotated resource list is incomplete or incorrect.
List resources without proper annotations.
Images, Pictures, Graphic Organizers
Images, pictures and graphic organizers convey personality and details of roadtrip.
Images, pictures and graphic organizers convey additional info.
Few images, pictures and graphic organizers throughout the project.
Lacking Images, pictures and graphic organizers.
Ideas presented in engaging, polished, clear, thorough manner
Ideas presented in a clear manner. Effectively conveys content
Ideas are direct and usually clear.
Ideas lack clarity and detail.
Grammar Usage, & Mechanics
No errors in spelling, punctuation or capitalization.
Few errors in spelling, punctuation or capitalization.
Some errors in spelling, punctuation or capitalization
Many errors distract the audience.

Anchor Assignment - Once you have finished your project, click on to the Road Trip Nation Interview Archives below to view some of the past RTN interviews. Choose some one who you are inspired by or are interested to know about their job and view online. When you are finished, in the discussion tab above write about who you watched. What is their passion? Passion has many different definitions, and it is also the driving force behind many of the decisions that people make. Share one or two of the insights that you gained through this person's conversation about there own path and following passions. Include a few ideas about your passions in life.

Road Trip Nation Interview Archieves