“Your future depends on many things, but mostly on you.” – Frank Tyger
“To be happy for life, love your work.” – Chinese Proverb

The goal of Beyond RMS is to help you explore career options and analyze possible career plans.The first part of the course will examine your own personal interests, skills, talents, values, and goal setting. The second part of the course will concentrate on aspects of personal finance, money management, and other areas related to the world of business. Throughout the semester, you will be asked to create a portfolio that will help you formulate your own career choices.You will answer some important questions about yourself, identify areas of ability and interest, establish goals, and learn new skills that may help guide you toward the future.

Required Materials:
  • A composition book exclusively for Beyond RMS
  • Your favorite writing utensil
  • Active participation and enthusiasm

Course Requirements:
1. Weekly Participation and Contributions (2/3 of grade)
Your involvement in the class will be evaluated on a weekly basis.This includes bringing all required materials to class every day, participation in class activities, your contributions in class, eBoard reflections, and appropriate communication skills and behavior.

2. Differentiated Assessments (1/3 of grade)
With each unit of study throughout the semester, students will have choices of projects to complete.Students are to complete two projects each quarter, which will be one-third of the marking period grade.Class time will be given to prepare for these assessments.


Materials Needed Each Day
You must bring the following materials to class each day: your Beyond Rye Middle School notebook and a writing utensil.You may not go to your locker during class so please bring all materials with you! Failure to bring your materials to class will result in points deducted from your class participation grade.

Active participation means the following: attending class regularly and on time; asking and answering questions in class thoughtfully; reading your materials; respecting your peers and their ideas.If you are a talker, learn to listen; if you are a listener, learn to verbally contribute more in class.There is a specific participation rubric that will be used to evaluate students’ participation, attitude, preparedness, and behavior in class.Please refer to the participation rubric for more specific guidelines.

Field Trips
Throughout the semester, we will explore possible areas of occupational interest.In addition to listening to a wide variety of guest speakers, we will have the opportunity to participate in at least two field trips that will take place during school.These trips are enrichment opportunities, and students are not mandated to participate.However, if a student does wish to participate in the field trip, he or she must demonstrate excellent behavior in the classroom.In addition, the student must be in good academic standing in this course as well as in his or her other classes.Students with a failing grade in other courses will not be permitted to attend any Beyond Rye Middle School field trips.

Guest Speakers
Throughout the semester, we will have the opportunity to listen to a variety of guest speakers talk about their careers.These presentations are quite insightful since they can help you understand how different people selected different professions.Before each presentation, you should write a few questions to ask the speaker.You must ask at least one question during every two presentations.This will count as a preparation grade.You will be asked to take notes on each individual’s presentation.For each guest speaker, you will be asked to comment on his or her presentation through a written reflection of no less than 100 words.These reflections are to be posted on the eBoard.

You can receive extra credit by signing up an adult (parent, neighbor, family friend) to speak to our class.See your if you know someone who would be willing to share his/her career with you and your classmates.