First we will go onto a plane to San Francesco, California. Tour the Golden Gate Bridge then across the bay to Oakland. Where will meet up with Billy Beane at the O.CO Coliseum where will have the interview. After that interview we will take plane to Seattle, Washington where we will tour the Space Needle and the first Starbucks Store. Afterward we will meet up with Bill Gates at the Microsoft Headquarters. Finally we will take a plane to Washington D.C where will go to the Smithsonian and Presidential and War memorials and the Arlington National Cemetery also we will go to the White House. Then we will go to the Capital Building and meet Hillary Clinton. And that is the tour we will take for the 3 interviewees.
Billy Beane is currently the General Manager and minority owner of the Oakland Athletics. He was a touted ballplayer in high school hitting .500 during his sophomore and junior years. The New York Mets round picks picked Beane at 27th overall and convinced him to play in the majors with a $150,000 signing bonus which Beane would later say was "the only decision I ever made in my life based on money". Beane struggled to reach the top in stints with the Mets, Twins, and A's. Finally he gave up on playing baseball in 1990 asking A's General Manager Sandy Alderson for a job in the scouting department. In 1997 Beane got the job as A's GM. He put the A's in the playoffs from 2000-2003 and though they lost in the divisional series every time, the 2003 season provided the basis for "Moneyball" Michael Lewis' best seller on Beanes principles in running a successful team with very limited cash flow which would forever change the front office outlook of low payroll teams. A movie was made out of Moneyball about a year ago and many fans are calling for a sequel after the A's have clinched a playoff spot and won their division. Personally, if I were to meet Beane, these are the questions I would ask him.
Did if he expected Moneyball to be as big as it was?
Did he expected the A's to make the playoffs this year?
Does he expect a move to San Jose for the franchise?
Why is he drafting high school players in recent drafts after explicitly stating multiple times in Moneyball not to?
What are your expectations for next season?
Hillary-Clinton.jpgHillary Clinton-

"You show people what

you're willing to fight for

when you fight your


Hillary Clinton came to Washington D.C for the first time in 1971 to work on U.S Senators to work on Walter Mondale's subcommittee on migrant workers. Also in the spring of 1972, she worked in the Western States for the campaign of Democratic Presidential nominee George McGovern. Met Bill Clinton at Yale Law School. National Law Journal named her one of the most powerful lawyers in the United States. She was inspired to work in some public service after she heard a speech in Chicago Reverend Martin Luther King in 1968. Active in student government and was elected senior class president.
After Barrack Obama was elected president he appointed her to Secretary of State. She has one daughter named Chelsea Victoria who was born on February 27 1980.
She once said.
"You show people what you're willing to fight for when you fight your friends."
Here are some questions I would ask HIllary Clinton
The questions I would ask Hillary Clinton is how do you feel about Obama and Romney?
Who would you vote for this election?
Do you think that Obama did a better job than you would have expected?
Will you ever think about running for president again?
If you do want to run for president again do you think you would win this time?
Bill Gates was born on October 28th, 1955, bith name as William Henry Gates III. Bill Gates started his interest in computer at the age 13 which is how he gained success. Gates graduated from lakeside in 1973 , where he met Paul Allen, and scored 1590 out of 1600. He enrolled in Harvard University and wanted a career in law, though he spent alot of time in the computer lab and just passed tests.In 1975 Gates worked with Allen and blended their works: "micro-computer" and "software" and made Micro-soft, a year later is was just Microsoft. Grossed $2.5 million at the age of 23.
His quote:
"Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can't lose."
Here are some questions I have for Bill Gates.
What are your thoughts on schools?
Did you expect to become successful anytime through your childhood to your colledge dropout?
Are there any tips or any advice you'd give to students or young adults?
Is your current job your "dream Job?"

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Billy Beane:
Hillary Clinton: