Bllie Joe Armstrong was born in Oakland, California in 1972. As a kid Billie's life was tough. His parents were clock punchers and they had 6 kids including Billie. Billie first got into music when he was 5 years old because his dad worked as a jazz musicianist at a resturaunt. So, Billie was able to learn a little from him. Sadly when he was 10, Billie's dad passed away of esophogal cancer. This event threw young Billie even further into music. In 1987 when he was 15 Billie decided to start a band with his childhood friend Mike Dirnt. They called the band sweet children. They later changed thier namer to Green Day when the drummer of the band, Al Sorbrante, left. In 1991 they made their first album. It was called 39/smooth. Their second (Kerplunk) and third (Dookie) albums were the best sellers. Billie still writes music today and he is 40 years old. I thought it was interesting how he got to where he is because he didn't go to collage. He was just inspired by music and had a goal to become successful. I think that Bilie took the hard way in life because he took a risks. He didnt know what he was going to do in life. He kind of made his own life for him by music.Scence he was good enough he got deals with record companies. In my opinion I think the music bussiness is all about luck and talent. And thats exactly what Billie had. Making mistakesis a lot better than doing nothing.This quote is really is really strong because you could either do nothing or try something that can get you some where. I chose this person to interview because I think hes a great music idol just his song writing abilities and his voice are really good. It would be good to get advice from him on how to be successful in music. When i go To visit billie my first stop would be to visit Las Vegas and see the wonders of that city. Then our second stop would be to visit 49's Stadium to see a football game and watch them lose to the NY Giants. then our tird and final stop would be to fly to Hawaii to vist waterparks then fly back to Oakland, Califonia to inter veiw Billie.
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Eminem was born on October 17th, 1972 in St. Joseph, New Orleans. When Eminem was just 18 months old his father abondened him. Eminem and his mom moved a lot in the Detroit area. His mom couldn't find a job and stayed in public housing. Eminem said the hardest part about moving was going to new schools. Eminem was bullied a lot. He was shoved into lockers, bullied in the bathroom and treated as an outcast. Eminem attended Warren High School, Michigan and dropped out freshamn year after failing 3 times. Although he struggled in schoool he was always a decent english student. For me I would wonder if he knew that one day being good at english would really make a difference. Eminem was first seen rapping by Dr. Dre who at time was one of the best rappers. He saw him compete once and was very impressed. He signed him up the interscope records. He released his first album in 1999. The album was titled Slim Shady. It was a multi-platinum album, and sold 3 million copies. His 2nd album was called the Marshall Mathers. This album sold 19 million copies! It also won a grammy award for best rap album. In 2007 he oveerdosed on sleeping pills and other drugs, and nearly died. He said that if he had arrived at the hospital 2 hours later he wouldnt be alive. In 2008 he got back to recording music and released an album callled Relapse. This album was abouot his rehab and struggles. In 2010 he released his newest album called Recovery, an album about overcoming his fears as a child. In this album he wrote my personal favorite song called "not afraid". I chose to interview eminem becuase he is a very popular rapper. i lso love all of his songs and listen to them a lot and it would be cool to figure out how he does it. On the way to the interview i stopped at PIttsburg pirates baseball game and also a krispy kreme concert. krispy kreme is a great freind of eminem. And we would also get Krispy Kream Dounuts

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