A career in business is more varied than most people realize. It can involve the obvious such as management and marketing, but theres an increasing demand for business majors to apply their skills in government, international commerce, health care, arts, and non-profit organizations. Business principles can serve as the foundation for economic, political and social systems at all levels.

Your business degree can be applied to virtually any industry and can also be used to help you start your own business. Many students start their professional training with an undergraduate business or business administration degree and proceed to graduate school or an MBA (Master's of Business Administration). Many working adults take online college courses in everything from business management to financial planning, making it easier to advance or change careers even after you've started working.

A Business Analyst is someone who analyzes the organization and designs businesses, government departments, and non profit organizations.BAs also assess business models and their integration with technology. Some skills that are needed to be a Business Analyst are logical thinking, analytical thinking, logical thinking, and communication skills. Some of the degrees that are needed for the job are a degree in business or a related field, A Certified Business Analyst Proffesional (CBAP), a new degree that many colleges are giving out. A business analyst will usually make about 70,000 a year. The more years that you stay a business analyst, the more money you can make. If you do very well, your boss might give you a raise of $20,000.
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSnYmPMPfk2GgUYc5CuEVd7nOu9F7CzZW4SIaG37iqRQ769kgn7The picture above shows the salary index of Business analysts over a period of months

Accounting Specialist - An accounant is an inspector and auditing personal or commercial accounts. An accounting Specialistares apply’s cheks to customer accounts, process refunds and have to be proficient in prossesing invoices. Other duties include performing journal enteries. Different jobs in Accounting specialist require different requirements but most are 2-7 years in the accounting field, a high school diplomat and Pc skills including managing microsoft office efficiently and using 10 finger typing technique and a B.S. in accounting finance and S.A.P knowledge. Job salary’s go from 38000 to 43000.
This is a graph of the national salary trend, which shows the salary index over 2 years
This is a graph of the national salary trend, which shows the salary index over 2 years

Investment Banking - Investment bankers give advice to their clients on important issues of financial organization. They manage the issuing of bonds, recommend and execute strategies for taking over and merging with other companies. Also they handle selling a company’s stock to the public. The work involves lots of financial analysis, and a background in finance and economics is a necessity. Personal and strategic skills are key to investment bankers as well, for they serve as strategists for their clients. They help them develop their financial plans as well as put them into action. At the profession’s highest level, investment bankers serve as crucial figures in the shaping of the economy, managing mergers of multibillion-dollar corporations and handling the privatization of government assets around the world. This takes time, and investment bankers work long hours. Work weeks of 70 hours or more are common, and working nights before deals close is standard. Still, the work is extremely interesting. Investment bankers spend large amounts of time traveling, to pitch ideas to possible and current clients or to examine the facilities of companies being purchased by their clients. In the office, they spend their time developing strategies to pitch to clients, preparing financial analyses and documents. They also work with the sales team of their banks in selling the bonds and stocks which are created by the investment-banking department’s activities.

Inventory Manager

an iventory manager is someone that controls the goods, materials, products, or parts for a company.An inventory manager may work for large corporations that sell products to the general public or for smaller businesses.

A business Consultantis a person who analyzes business, to help business owners create solutions to their problems and to set goals. When a owner needs help or advice the business consultant helps you and change the business. A business consultant first needs to know the business really well before they help change it. Business consultants make a hourly wage and sometimes benefits. The average salary is 42,000 a year.
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