So you want to be a.....ChefThe chief cook of any business or company.By: Charliebagget.png


Chefs can earn a degree in culinary arts school.
Culinary arts school teahces the basics of cooking and nutrition.chefs.jpg

1) menu preperation
2) food production
3) sanitation techniques
4) safe food-handeling
5) recipe conversion
6) portion management
7) special event planning
8) unique food preperation

Chefs can earn baking and pastry degrees.
Baking and pastry arts teaches chefs to bake, decorate, and fill pastries

1) strong in fundamental baking
2) methods of sanitation
3) nutritional awareness
5) be a team member
6) advanced pastry techniques
7) plan and present a pastry buffet
8) use current technology

These are just a couple of degrees that can help in the field of cooking.

1) impress people with new creations
2) paid vacations
3) retirement plan
4) paid insurance
5) creativity
6) in charge of others
7) big salary deep into career

1) long hours
2) always standing and lifting things
3) near dangerous machines
4) things can get messy
5) sressful
6) work on holidays

Chef Vocab
Baton - to cut vegetables into thin sticks
Blast - to rapidly heat in an oven or microwave
Buzz - to blend
Dice - to cut an ingredient into a small square
Garnish - the final touch on a dish
Nappe or Napper - to coat an ingredient with with a thick sauce
Sweat - to gently cook
Scald - to simmer before the boiling point
Zest - to grate the outer layer of a citrus fruit

**http://education-portal.com/chef_degree.html**- This website taught me about culinary degrees. It taught me what culinary chefs do and where they can be trained. This interesting website also shows what some chefs can earn as a salary.
**http://www.rediff.com/getahead/2005/dec/12chef.htm**- This website taught me lots of general things about cooking, but I mostly used it to help find pros and cons about cooking. This website contains the different routes to becoming a chef. Finally, it identifies the skills that most proffesional chefs have.
**http://www.jobprofiles.org/retpastrychef.htm**- This website taught me about being a pastry chef, and how the training was. It also shows the skills of pastry chefs, and all of the different places that they can go to make food.
**http://cooking4chumps.com/Lingo%20Kitchen%20Vocabulary%20Language.html** - This website has tons of vocabulary words that chefs use, and of course their definitions.This website has over 70 key chef terms that help teach about chefs.


About The Author

Hello, my name is Charlie. I was born in Greenwhich, CT and raised in Rye, New York. I like to play sports, eat tons of food, sleep a lot, and play video games. When I am older, I want to be a chef because I love food more than anything in the world. Not only do I eat tons of food, but I like making many different combinations with food. I am allergic to both shellfish and all types of nuts, so when I am older my restaurant will be nut and shellfish free. By the way I will own the restaurant with my dad, and it will be called Chazz and Chandy's. My dad will be the morning cook, cooking things like bacon and pancakes, and by the night, I will be making food like steak, mac and cheese, and homemade ice cream. My favorite foods in the world are blue cheese burgers, and french fries. I also love to drink things and make new combinations in blenders. Finally, my favorite drink is a mango smoothie. I hope you enjoyed my presentation and reading about me. Bye.