In your career journey there are many things to consider. We have already talked about values -- what matters the most to you and how that can influence your career interests. But there is more to consider when thinking about finding the career that would be best for you . . .

Do you like getting dressed up or do you like dressing casual?

Are you an early riser and work productively from 9 to 5 or do you need more flexible hours?

Do you mind travelling for work or do you want to have an office in one particular place?

Do you work well with others or prefer to work independently?

The Wall Street Journal has a great interactive website that allows you to explore different career paths and job opportunity. For more information, click here.For your next project, you will create an infographic about your career interests and road map that will lead you to your target Career. It's like a road map and resume for your career interests and goals
What is an infographic you ask? An infographic is a graphic visual representation of information or knowledge.
Here is an infographic to tell us more about the factors for choosing a Career:

A Beginner's Guide to Infographics by Maria Popva

5 Steps to a Powerful Infographic

Steps to Create an Infographic (from Kathy Schrock)