Prezicast or Glogster Assignment (Fall 2012)
For your project you will research and become a finance expert about one aspect of personal finance. You will inform others about this one key aspect, financial strategy, or money management tip.

We will spend class periods in the computer lab designing our Prezicasts or Glogs.
Glogster projects must be completed independently, but the prezicasts you can do with a partner or on your own.

As you do this project, keep in mind the main purpose of this Prezicast or Glogster: you must explain some aspect of personal finance and money management. Your project must meet the following criteria:

Criterion #1:
Description: As part of this discussion, you should BRIEFLY explain to the viewer the purpose and function of this money management tip. Supporting information helps the viewer understand the importance of this aspect of personal finance and money management.

Criterion #2:
Explanation of personal finance and money management tip: Your Prezicast should provide an ACCURATE description of this aspect of money management. You will have to accurately and thoroughly describe the money management.

Criterion #3:
Analysis of the Big Picture: Your Prezicast should conclude with a discussion of the SIGNIFICANCE of this personal finance tip. You should demonstrate an understanding of the importance. Why do this? What does it avoid? What does it accomplish?

Student Projects

Grading Rubric:

Describes & Explains
Clearly and articulately demonstrates understanding of concept taught
Confusing or unclear of concepts
Information is incorrect
Visual Presentation
Visual presentation of project is clear, informative, and creative
Visual presentation of project is clear, direct, and informs
Visual presentation is direct and offers simple information
Visual presentation is messy, unclear, and or incomplete
Connects personal finance tip to larger personal financial responsibility throughout project
Makes connections to personal finance responsibility at the end of project
Does not make clear connection made to personal financial responsibility
No connection how related to personal finance responsibility
Screencast Presentation
Speaks clearly, confidently with conversational approach
Speaks with clarity and confidence.
Speaks with clarity to the audience.
Inconsistent clarity, hard to understand, background noises distracting
Use of class time
Student on task every day to complete project; works efficiently
Student on task mostly every day and used class time effectively
Student needed reminders to stay on task
Student used class time to play games, socialize with peers, and used time outside of class to complete project